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When major rainstorms hit Novato, floods can block our roads and highways and damage our homes and businesses. This year Highway 37 was closed twice, once for almost a month, snarling traffic throughout the area.

Much has been done to reduce flooding - but more still needs to be done. A rigorous multi-year analysis of the entire Novato watershed has identified new projects that would

  • Help Drain Local Streets 
  • Speed flood waters out to the Bay
  • Prevent Expensive Repair Work.
  • ​Enhance Habitat for Fish and Wildlife
  • Public Trails would be built on new, stronger levees
  • Widen Lower Novato Creek to help absorb storm surges and sea level rise 
  • Increased tidal flows in and out would improve water quality, help scour sediment and reduce costly dredging
  • Click here for a Detailed List of Projects 

Current taxes pay for essential creek, levee, storm drain and pump maintenance - but new
funding will be needed for new projects. Some would come from the proposed parcel tax. The rest would come from State and Federal matching grants that go to communities who tax themselves for flood protection and habitat restoration.

The funds raised by this parcel tax will be held in a separate account and can be spent only in the Novato area on storm drainage and flood reduction. The new projects will be selected through an open public process based on cost-effectiveness and full environmental review. The multiagency Watershed Program Committee will audit and report annually on the spending of the funds raised by this tax. 

Even if you don’t live in a flood hazard zone, you and your loved ones can be trapped by flooded streets and put in even more danger if public safety and emergency crews can’t get through.

Please visit Marin County’s website NOVATO FLOOD PROTECTION AND WATERSHED PROGRAM for more detailed information.

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November 7, 2017

Don't let future floods limit access to

novato's hospital

don't let future floods interrupt novato's power supply