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The Flood Control District is a separate agency created by State law.  It is not part of County government and is responsible for its own finances.  It is absurd to expect other Flood Control Zones in Marin to contribute to funding Novato’s projects. 

Is flooding really such a big risk to Novato?
But can’t we just get the money from the County?

The Flood Zone’s current budget of about $2 million is spent every year on essential creek dredging, debris clearance, levee repair, pump station maintenance and equipment replacement.  There is nothing left for any major new projects.  

Isn’t Measure E the same as last year’s Measure AA?

An important part of the Measure E program is widening Novato Creek to spread out flood waters and increase tidal flows.  This will also result in a big increase in wetland and wildlife habitat which will offset the loss of existing wetlands and qualify the projects for matching environmental grants.

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Ignoring the disruption caused by even minor flooding, it is rare for emergency funds to fully compensate for flood damage and many structures can never be permanently restored after being even partially submerged.  Experience says costs more to repair flood damage than to prevent it.

Why can’t the Flood Control Zone use its current revenue for the new projects?
Isn’t the State responsible for protecting Highway 37?
Why not just let floods happen occasionally and let insurance companies and emergency grants pay for the damage?
Other than Highway 37, was there any flood damage in Novato last year?

Partially.  The Flood Control Zone is responsible for specific areas and is working in partnership with Caltrans to develop a coordinated project to eliminate the obstruction caused by the highway,  protect it from flooding and move storm waters out to the Bay.  Both the State (Caltrans) and the Flood Control Zone have a fiscal, environmental and safety responsibility in ensuring the Hwy 37 Project is successful. .

Why does flood control money need to be spent on wetland restoration?

About 1500 residences, businesses and public facilities are in the flood hazard zone and are subject to flood insurance which may still not cover all the damage in a big storm.  Also traffic from throughout the community can be disrupted by flooded streets and highways even in relatively minor events. Rising sea levels will only add to the extent and damage from flooding in the future.

People are Asking ??

NO - Measure AA authorized a Bay Area-wide parcel tax of $12 per year for shoreline protection and wetland restoration.  Some Measure E projects which include habitat restoration will be in a good position to compete for a share of Measure AA funds but we must have the local funds provided by the $47 parcel tax to attract matching grants.

The Flood Control Zone suffered $1.7 million in damage to critical pumping facilities and thousands of feet of primary levees.  Fortunately recent dredging reduced creek levels just enough to avoid widespread damage.