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environmental benefits

Novato Flood Zone 1, Measure E will provide the kinds of habitat restoration of the Novato flood plain that many communities around the San Francisco/San Pablo bays can only dream about.  One hundred and sixty years ago early settlers diked off about 90% of the marshes fringing the bays to create pastures and wheat fields for agricultural production and housing.  Novato Flood Control Zone and Novato Sanitary Districts bought many of these fields around the mouth of Novato Creek in the middle of the last century to keep them from urbanization.

 Now we have an opportunity to restore the habitat value of these lands in projects that also provide flood protection for transportation networks, utilities, homes, and businesses in Novato. Projects enabled by Measure E would allow tidal and flood waters to spread out over the flood plain to create vegetation (habitat) and ponding that attracts local birds and migrating flocks, while also serving to reduce flooding. Novato Creek would become a friendlier spawning area for steelhead and other native fish.